Post 16 and 18

Post-16 Options

Read CXK’s blog, A Parent/Carer Guide to Post-16 Options, for how to support your child with post-16 choices 

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Post-18 Options

Watch CXK’s vlog, aimed at encouraging Year 12 students to be proactive in their 'reseach' year- 

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If you are interested in an apprenticeship, please read the following Guide to Apprenticeships.

Local opportunities for apprenticeships in Kent can be found at 

You can also find out more information about apprenticeships at 

Wye School has employed two apprentices in recent years, you may recognise them. Read what they have to say about their experience of an apprenticeship, and what tips they have for young people thinking about applying for an apprenticeship. Click here to see some Apprenticeship Case Studies.