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Secondary School

Welcome to Secondary

We opened our new secondary school with Year 7 in 2013 and progressed to Year 11 in 2018. We are very pleased to have established a fantastic reputation from the beginning and to have been consistently oversubscribed since. We deliver three full years covering the Key Stage 3 national curriculum and then two years studying for GCSE based Key Stage 4.

The school site was finished in 2019 and we are lucky to have two great buildings, beautiful outside spaces, parking, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. As well as academic success we believe in 'education with character' and offer a wide range of co-curricular activities including musical instrument tuition, Duke of Edinburgh Award, sports fixtures, and the Combined Cadet Force. We welcome applications from the village of Wye and the surrounding area and look forward to showing you what Wye School has to offer.

We have included 'Assessment & Reporting', and our 'Schedule for Reporting' in this section of the website, which we trust will be self-explanatory.  The 'GCSE Options' are updated each Spring in readiness for the Year 9 students to make their subject choices, together with the 'GCSE Specifications'.   

For information relating to the day to day operations of the school, please visit the 'Parents' section.