Ethos and Values

United Learning and the Wye School Group’s vision is to create a school that can transform children's lives and help them achieve things they may never have imagined. 

Wye School will aim to bring out the best in everyone – students, staff, parents and the wider community. It will nurture, inspire and guide students to high achievement so that they can lead successful and fulfilling adult lives.

The vision will be achieved through the following commitments:

  • A goal of academic excellence but with the school going further to develop the whole child, preparing them for life and employment and to become a good, contributing citizen
  • Strong and holistic pastoral care, individual tutors and an extensive activity programme to inspire and develop students, to promote self-esteem and to enable the full potential of everyone to be realised
  • An ethos of positive, enduring and nurturing relationships between the three key groups – teaching staff, the students and their parents
  • Accepting those of all faiths and none, and embracing the values of honesty, integrity, respect and compassion
  • An inspirational village campus setting that embraces its rich heritage – academic, environmental, agricultural – and its very strong relationships with the local and wider communities

Our approach is underpinned by a sense of moral purpose and commitment to doing what is right for children and young people, supporting colleagues to achieve excellence and acting with integrity in all our dealings within and beyond the organisation, in the interests of young people everywhere.

We summarise this ethos as the best in everyone. This ethos underpins our core values:

  • Ambition - to achieve the best for ourselves and others
  • Confidence - to have the courage of our convictions and to take risks in the right cause
  • Creativity - to imagine possibilities and make them real
  • Respect - of ourselves and others in all that we do
  • Enthusiasm - to seek opportunity, find what is good and pursue talents and interests
  • Determination - to overcome obstacles and reach success