An occasional update from our Sixth Form students on their experience at Wye

Raising money for Kent Air Ambulance

This Easter term, the year 12s have organised activities to help raise funds for Kent Air Ambulance. We have raised a total of £188 by organising an Easter egg hunt and a bake sale. Year 12 hid twelve easter egg pictures around the Kempe building. Students had to find the letters and re-arrange them to spell out the Easter word. 55 students got their chocolate prize for completing the egg trail. On the last day of term year 12 ran a bake sale with students and teachers donating their cakes. 

Wye school have Kent Air Ambulance as one of their school charities. This organisation is a valuable resource for Kent which now have doctors on board to response quickly to any emergenices. It costs £18.8 million to run the Kent Air Ambulance each year and 88 percent of their funding comes from donations. We look forward to raising more money for Kent Air Ambulance in the future.

Ramisa and Emma B, Year 12

Interview Morning for Year 13 Students

On October 16, 2023, our year 13 students experienced an informative interview morning. It was a unique opportunity where volunteers from various professions, including graduate recruitment specialists, heads of HR departments, solicitors, NHS healthcare workers and CEOs of Kent-based companies, visited our school to conduct interviews with us. Each student had the chance to choose their preferred specialist and took part in 20-minute interview sessions.

Not only was the experience eye opening but also very helpful for our future careers. We got to understand the real-world expectations but also received personalised, written feedback on our performance. It was a significant step in our preparation towards the professional world, and we're grateful for the chance to learn from these specialists.

Careers Advisor's talk about post-18 options

Last week, Chris Targett, one of our Careers Advisors from CXK came to speak to Year 12 about post-18 options. During his interactive talk he addressed the full range of our options for post-18. These included university, college, employment, starting up our own business, and taking a gap year. He also gave us a great insight into how to and when to apply to these varying options, reinforcing that we needed to start researching courses, open days and securing work experience placements now if we want to be successful in our applications next year.

Business Event - FSB

On 10 May 2023, we hosted a business event including self-made, successful entrepreneurs for the year 12 Sixth Form students in our school. This enriching activity helped our students explore the careers world further than they started and educated them about future pathways they can take towards their goals and where they would end up as a result.

Each one of our guests provided a different insight about their job and gave realistic and helpful advice to the young adults taking part who enjoyed learning about the multiple possibilities at hand.

A couple of perspectives we received from the students themselves:

“I have a clear idea now of the route I want to take.”

“I didn’t know that there's so many other things I can do to get where I want!”

“This helped me a lot to decide that I want to take a definite course at uni.”

Yr 13 UCAS Applications

Thank you to Dr Marks, Miss Lindo, and Miss Lee for helping us complete our personal statements and getting us to complete the Yr 13 UCAS applications on time.