Subject Lead for Extended Project Qualification: Ms Julie Apps

EPQ by Ms Julie Apps

The Extended Project Qualification will give you a fantastic opportunity to delve into a subject/hobby/interest that is not covered in your other course specifications. This course will aid you in developing invaluable skills such as conducting research, planning, time management, how to present and how to effectively reflect upon work and suggest improvements. You can also choose how your final product will be presented, either in the form of a report or an artefact.

Why Undertake the EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification assists students to develop independent study skills, to meet deadlines, to develop their interests and is not teacher led in the same way other A level subjects are. It is highly valued by higher education institutions and employers. For the former undertaking independent research is vital. The choice of subject to undertake an EPQ on can help with UCAS applications and can demonstrate that a student is prepared to thrive in higher education.

Course Description

Students must plan, research, and develop their idea to produce a polished finished product. The finished product can take several forms:

  • A research based written report
  • A production
  • An artefact

During the project, students are expected to work at on things which are outside the specifications of the subjects they are studying. Students are supported by a series of sessions designed to teach them the skills required to successfully complete the project. These include:

  • Research skills, including the ability to search for and identify suitable sources of information in the chosen subject area
  • Any other skills or techniques that may be required for the safe and effective execution of the project – these could include professional codes of practice or laboratory techniques
  • ICT skills that may enhance the production of the report and the presentation of results
  • Time and project management skills

It combines well with all other subjects at A level and many universities will reduce their offer to students who achieve a high EPQ grade. Entry Requirements: All students will be encouraged to undertake the EPQ.

Technical Details
Exam Board AQA
Qualification Type Level 3 Project
Course Title Standalone EPQ or part of AQA Baccalaureate
Link https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/projects/project-qualifications/EPQ-7993