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Children in Need Day

Children in Need Day

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Children in Need Fund-Raising at Wye School …….. by our student reporters


Some of our student reporters telling you all about our Children in Need fund-raising………….

As you all know today was Children in Need!  Wain House would love to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who gave a donation and helped us raise a whopping total of…



The cake sale was a huge hit, raising just over £100, so a big thank you to all those who bought cakes or brought cakes in!  Well done to everyone who wore their PJs to school and paid a pound to do so.  During break and lunch we had the cake sale, photo booth and face paint.  As well as the cake sale being a huge hit, the photo booth was a big hit too, allowing us to dress up with our friends and have a photo taken!  To end, we’d like to say a special thank you to Harrison Pack- those cakes were amazing , Mrs Riordan- who ran the photo booth and of course a massive thank you to Ms Phillips- who helped Wain house run the event!

Sienna Mobbs


For Children in Need, Jacob, Alex and I went to Kempe form and did a Children in Need quiz with the group. We also designed  fun activities for those who are not as lucky as us from around the world. On the actual day, everybody came to school in our onesies and pj’s and donated £1 towards Children in Need. We sold cakes, guessed the name of a teddy bear, decorated with face paints and ran a photo booth. Altogether we raised just under £300! This is a great contribution to be able to give to Children in Need

Chloe Hodgkins


On 15th Nov the whole school wore their onesies and PJ’s, to support Children in Need.

Wain House were very happy to find that we had raised £290 for Children in Need, a great total, for a great charity. We hope that many people will benefit from this money.

I thank Poppy Smith, Morgan Oliver and Megan Miller for their hard work and dedication on the cake sale. We are sorry to say good bye to Megan Miller today, who is leaving Wye to move back to Southampton. We will miss her!

Maggie Larsen.


I am very proud of Wain House today, who with the support of the rest of the school, have managed to raise nearly £300 for Children in Need. The students took over the organisation of events. They made presentations to the other tutor groups yesterday informing the groups about Children in Need and drumming up support for events today. It was great to see all the animal onesies coming off the bus this morning! It really was a team effort and it is hard to pick out students who contributed more than others. We have had a great day, thank you to everyone who brought in cakes and to Dunbar who supported us with the fun photo booth.

Ms Phillips