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Wildwood Science Trip – November 2013

Wildwood Science Trip – November 2013

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On Tuesday we had a very successful  trip to Wildwood. The focus of the trip was on Science, linking the two topics the students are studying this term.


Students were given a tour by our guide Claire, explaining ‘Recycling and Sustainable Energy Use’ around the site. They were shown a wind turbine and solar panels which we have been talking about in our lessons and that students have been researching for the ILP. Students loved the workshop called ‘Food Chains: Dissecting Owl Pellets’. During this session they were given an owl pellet to dissect and they had to reconstruct the bone arrangement of the mice which had been eaten! Students were delighted and horrified in equal measure.


In smaller groups we walked around the park and students chose five animals to write about, focusing on how they are adapted to their environment.  At lunch time students were able to go on the ‘drop slide,’ which, for many, was the highlight of many their day. Mrs Riordan and I also had a go. The students’ attitude to leaning and behaviour was exemplary and I was very proud to be representing Wye School with them. The weather was kind to us, providing a glorious crisp, autumnal day.  Miss Phillips


Below, some of our student reporters give you their reflections on the day.


Kiera - Wildwood was amazing. I have learnt a lot about food chains and in the owl pellets I found lots of little bones and fur. I saw a lot of things today. I liked the wolves because they were fluffy. Claire showed us around and explained how Wildwood saved money, energy and waste. It was great fun on the drop slide, seeing everyone go down the sheer drop. It was fantastic. When I saw the animals, it was amazing because the different types of animals. It was an exciting day.

Nathalie - One thing I really enjoyed was going on the drop slide. It was breath-taking, petrifying, thrilling and exciting. Bison, wild boar, beavers, deer, wolves, raven and lynx were just a small number of the fascinating animals that we observed.

Sam - Our Wildwood trip today was a great experience. As well as seeing all the squirrels scampering up branches and wolves prowling, we learnt a lot about sustainability and the environment. We dissected owls pellets, finding the skulls and bones of mice which had been eaten and looked at different ways of getting electricity including solar panels and their own wind turbine.

Cameron - One activity we did was dissecting an owl pellet (which was really gross) and in them we found mouse bones and skin.  We looked at all different animals, birds and some water creatures and even saw a wild Scottish cat and a beaver who was swimming in water.