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Fencing Demonstration

Fencing Demonstration

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During PE lessons this week students have had the opportunity to take part in fencing sessions.  These have been led by Ralph Johnson, a four time Olympian and world veteran champion.  He was assisted by Jayne Clayton, who has been Kent champion 15 times and coaches at local clubs. 


The pupils were given a short introduction to the weapons that are used, the foil, epee and sabre, and were shown the clothing that needs to be worn during the different fights.  The scoring system and electrical apparatus were shown to the pupils, and Ralph and Jane explained how it was all used, with students operating the scoring system when Jane and Ralph had a fight.


Pupils were encouraged to ask questions and Morgan enquired about how experienced Ralph and Jane were and Harrison asked about clubs that the pupils could join.  The pupils then had their chance to try their hand at fencing and were clad in tabards and helmets, with replica swords


This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to have a taste of something entirely different and they will be notified of local clubs that are available to them. 


Miss Lulham