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Autumn Subject Badge Winners

Autumn Subject Badge Winners

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Congratulations to all the winners of our first ever subject badges.  They are pictured here in their house groups.

The full list is as follows:



ART                               Jess Beresford, Emily Taylor

FRENCH                        Samuel Stevens,   Taylor Denby

SPANISH                       Maddie Excell, Elliot Carlton

GERMAN                      Phoebe Britland

DRAMA                        Jacob Bodman,     Denya Locke

MUSIC                          Leah Kyriacou, Elliot Carlton

GEOGRAPHY               Sienna Mobbs, Jack Collier

MATHS                         Jess Harrison, Ben Edge

ENGLISH                       Maggie Larsen, Jack Kelly

SCIENCE                       Abbie Bean   Elliot Carlton

RE                                 Beth Griffin , Lottie Lister

PE                                 Toby Hutchison , Emily Rimmer

HISTORY                      Taela Pithers, Alex Rampton

NETBALL                     Taela Pithers

FOOTBALL                  Abbie Bean, Josh Spinks

HOCKEY                        Sienna Mobbs

CROSS COUNTRY         Josh Carrroll

GYMNASTICS               Maddie Excell

BOXING                         Tyler Thomas- Gray –

STUDENT VOICE           Lily Crane (for Social Area)  Mark Boughton (for Rewards)