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Art and Science Day

Art and Science Day

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On Thursday, Wye School was transformed into a whirring hub of Science, Maths and Art. Pupils responded to the Bill Bryson (Royal Society of Chemistry) Competition 2014 question, "Where is the art in science? Where is the science in art?".


They used Science and Maths experiments and investigations as the inspiration for some fabulous pieces of Art work.

In Maths, pupils built a sculpture of a fractal Triangle based on patterns recognised by mathematician, Wacław Sierpiński. They also observed the Fibonacci sequence in nature and created collages inspired by this mathematical sequence.

In Chemistry, pupils investigated how to split colour through chromatography (by splitting ink to find their component colours) and though triangular prisms (splitting light). They used the split colour combinations to create self-portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.

In Biology pupils were given an amazing collection of natural objects ranging from 350 million year old fossils, Alligator heads and a Whales ear bone to crystals and animal skulls. They carefully observed pattern and detail, using a viewfinders and magnifying glasses to create mixed media observational drawings.


In the afternoon, pupils were treated to a talk from successful local artist, Kate Linforth who showed them how she was inspired by Science in nature to create the most beautiful wax paintings and sculptures. Following an excellent question and answer session, pupils continued with their artwork. A selection of gifted and talented pupils were supported by Kate and Sharon McMahon to experiment with wax and other media in the creation of entries for the Bill Bryson competition.


At the end of the day, pupils gathered in the main hall to present their work. The floor was transformed into a contemporary gallery space, showing off the results of a fantastic day.


Thanks to:

Kate Linforth and Sharon McMahon for volunteering their artistic talents

The Canterbury Heritage Museum, Canterbury Beaney, Ashford School Art Department, and pupils for lending their beautiful artifacts.

The Wye School staff and Judith de Villiers and Eugenia Gonzalez (Ashford School) for running a fantastic day.



Ms Jan Naylor