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Inter House Art Competition

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Last Friday saw the judging of the first Wye School Inter-house Art contest. Pupils have been working on group and individual pieces of art work since January and over recent weeks there has been a frenzied Art buzz around the school as pupils completed their pieces of work. Pupils were asked to choose famous works of art and reproduce them using alternative media. This resulted in Van Goghs’s Starry Night completely created using marshmallows, a football team of Jesus and his disciples at Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper and Andy Warhol’s Michael Jackson in buttons. These pieces of work and many others were part of a highly creative exhibition that was judged by artist, Kate Linforth and Wye School Governor, Jane Louden. Dunbar were the overall winners of the contest and Sienna Mobbs won the award for the best individual entry.


Photos include

1. Winning entry by Sienna Mobbs

2/3. Dunbar’s Lichtenstein Whaam

4. pupils looking at work

5. judges looking at work