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Mad Hatters Hat Parade

Mad Hatters Hat Parade

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Mad Hatters’ Hat Parade


The Architects’ Hat Parade wowed pupils and staff alike. Pupils strutted their stuff on the catwalk to show off their fantastic hats that had been inspired by famous architecture. Selected pupils presented their ideas and the inspirations behind their hats to the rest of the school and Catherine Hughes of ‘Catherine Hughes Associates’ picked her top twelve and top three.

Pupils who gained a Gold for this Art ILP, and gained an excellent for their final piece will have their work put on display in the window of ‘Catherine Hughes Associates’ in Wye. These pupils include: Lily Crane, Owen McMahon, Nathalie Sarbanovic, Kiera Valler, Sienna Mobbs, Morgan Oliver, Harrison Pack, Millie Rimmer, Maddie Wilson, Jessica Beresford, Mark Boughton, Jacob Eason, Poppy Hammond, Leah Kyriacou, Alesha Perry, Adrian Rye, Emily Taylor, Tyler Thomas-Grey, Elliot Carlton, Finley Thomas-Grey.

A huge well done to them and to all the students, who put in so much work.  Everyone who has visited this week has been enthralled by them all. Please see the website for pictures.