Wye Sixth Form Prospectus - page 10-11

Wye Sixth Form Prospectus
Wye Sixth Form Prospectus
Will I have my own Personal Tutor?
Yes, you will be allocated a Personal Tutor group and you will see your Personal Tutor every day. Together, with the other
students in the group, you will have group activities, but there is also a considerale amount of time spent with Personal
Tutors on a 1-2-1 basis.
What if I need extra help and support?
Most subjects offer support classes and workshops for A Level students, as well as teachers providing some individual
‘out of class’ support.
We also offer ‘Access Skills Workshops’ to any student who could benefit from some extra help with extra help with essay
planning, proofing, literacy skills, exam revision, research skills and note taking. This can be in small groups or 1-2-1.
If you need learning support, we also take notice of all previous assessments or reports.
Will I have help moving on to university or employment?
Yes. There is considerable help and support for each student regarding future employability - whether it be from a university
degree course or going directly into employment. All students get the opportunity to have university taster days, as well
as career fairs, where you will have the opportunity experience and ask questions directly to universities, students and
employers about your next steps. We will also help you with university applications, as well as personal statement writing
for your CV to help you achieve your life and career goals.
Will I get help in aiming for aspirational courses or careers?
Yes. At Wye we recognise that all of our students have varying individual circumstances, talents and potentials. This is
why we offer a range of specialist programmes and activities to suit each individual student. This includes guidance for
those students with very high academic potential and aspirations, and those who are pursuing applications for the most
competitive career choices. Alongside our own aspirational tutors and experts, we can also put you in touch with outside
academic and professional experts to raise you higher.
Support and After Sixth Form
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