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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
Wye School came into being because of parents, parents who had
a vision for the kind of education they wanted their children to
have. Our vision was created by parents and they are more than our
partners in education. What parents have in common is more than
what distinguishes them from one another: they all love their children
and want them to be successful and happy.
We enjoy a close relationship with our parents from early on in the
transition process. They are best placed to tell us about their children
and how they learn and what they need to flourish, so we welcome
their input as we plan for their children’s progress. They are able to tell
us about skills, talents and achievements from beyond the classroom.
Our parents are also volunteers, supporting us with trips and the
delivery of our activities programme. They enable us to access
resources and organisations which enrich their children’s education.
They offer us valuable feedback and ideas through our Parents’ Panel.
As an establishing school, we have been overwhelmed by the faith
and confidence placed in us and we take very seriously our own
responsibility to repay that.
Home is the first school, and
parents are the first teachers.
Today was the beginning of an era
of better education for our children.
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