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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
The Individual
Every student is known by every teacher at Wye School. We visit every
child in their primary school and interview them at length about their
school and home lives, their learning and their interests. We celebrate
what is unique about each child and ask all of them to be, ‘The best
possible you.’
Through the twice daily tutor sessions, our students will form close
bonds with other children and their tutor and this is an essential
factor in creating stability and reassurance. We have vertical tutor
groups which are organised in houses, in order to provide peer
mentors and role models for younger students, whilst developing a
keen sense of student leadership in those who are older. Our pastoral
model, however, still builds in space for individual year groups to
reinforce that important identity. Through the vertical model, we
want students to see what is possible, to understand the journey
of education and to develop high aspirations about what may be
possible for them.
We have coordinated our PSHE and Citizenship provision with our
assembly and tutor programmes to create a coherent approach.
Through this we develop students’ understanding about becoming a
positive force in society, keeping themselves safe, helping others and
making good decisions.
No price is too high to pay for the
privilege of owning yourself.
I love it at Wye School because all the teachers are enthusiastic and they
make everyone feel special.
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