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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
A Rich Learning Environment
Our school may do things differently
but I think this is for the best.
Variety is the soul of pleasure.
Our extended hours, until 17.00, create a fertile ground for a broad
and varied curriculum and enrichment programme. As well as the core
curriculum of English, mathematics and science, all students will also
study a modern foreign language, history, geography and religious
studies. We also have a vibrant programme of timetabled lessons for
art, music, drama, PE and design technology.
We believe there is no ceiling on what motivated young people can
achieve. We want our students to be global citizens and they have an
opportunity to study three languages from Year 7.
The school remains open until 17.00 so students can have support
with their independent learning projects or attend additional clubs.
We think young people are entitled to a rich life and space beyond
the school gate and our extended hours and approach to homework
are designed to facilitate this.
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