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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
This is a school conceived by and realised by the community, for the
community. Our houses are all named after notable Wye citizens,
Wain, Behn, Dunbar and Kempe and the heads of houses share the
same areas of expertise as these namesakes.
The crown is our logo, on uniform and stationery and the year starts
with a walk to the crown for all of our Year 7 students. We pride
ourselves on sourcing locally, employing locally and engaging local
organisations and people in the delivery of our broad curriculum. We
enjoy close relationships with the local church, rural organisations and
heritage groups.
The planning for all schemes of learning requires us to consider how
to use the local context and contacts to reinforce the learning and
engage our learners who will develop a keen sense of how what they
learn relates to the wider world.
In addition we want students to develop understanding about diverse
cultures beyond their immediate experience and we have already
committed to a buddy project which will involve us welcoming Thai
students to the school and a virtual relationship with a school in India.
I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the
waters to create many ripples.
Mother Theresa
The school has made me feel very
secure about me and my education
and I am proud to be part of
the community.
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