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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
Innovation for Impact
At Wye School innovation is something to be embraced. Even in our
infancy, we are aware of much that we are doing which is different:
We have abandoned traditional models of homework, premised
on the conveyor belt approach of three or four pieces a night, and
replaced them with just two challenging independent learning
projects a term, with weekly choices, leading to projects of which
students and their parents can be justly proud.
We offer an extended activities and clubs programme every day,
personalised to engage and challenge our learners.
We have banned detentions in favour of a proactive approach to
promoting positive behaviours.
There are no bells for lesson changes, creating a calmer
learning environment, with more natural and reflective
transitions and plenaries.
All staff, not just teachers, are encouraged to develop ideas and
practices which will enhance our school.
Students can make choices about the curriculum and how they
study from Year 7.
We want to empower our students to be similarly innovative. Student
voice is built into lessons, providing valuable feedback about what
engages young people and empowering them to make their own
decisions. The classroom extends beyond a room and all of our teachers
are encouraged to use the natural environment around us for lessons
and the wider spaces we have, for students to work independently and
in small groups.
We want our young people and staff to operate in an environment
where change and creativity are applauded and not feared.
The school is very creative and being
a small school takes away the stress
of starting a new school.
Lucky and happy people don’t
try to impose stillness on a universe
which is in motion.
A L Kennedy
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