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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
Aiming High for All
Our school has a friendly
environment and lovely teachers.
I have learnt a lot already.
almost transparent support which allows learners to succeed both
academically and socially. Regular meetings with students and parents
allow us to measure the impact of intervention and the students’
opinions are at the heart of these reviews. Further details of our
approach can be found in our SEN Policy on the website.
We are a data-rich school and combine Key Stage 2 data with online
cognitive assessment tests (CATs) which we do in the first few days
of the autumn term. We use this alongside information from student
files and parents to establish our groups for the core subjects, English,
mathematics and science, as well as languages. Intelligence is not fixed
and we review these regularly.
Rigorous assessment underpins our approach, so we can measure
the impact of teaching and learning in terms of student progress.
Formal assessment in all subjects takes place six times a year and we
communicate outcomes to parents and use results to reflect on how
students are grouped, making changes to ensure needs are met. We
take these impact reflections very seriously and use them to review
provision and the degree to which it engages all learners, challenges our
most able, and supports those most vulnerable to underachievement.
In Year 6 we gather information from schools and parents about the
gifts and talents of our students, both within the school curriculum
and in their wider home life. Following CATs and our own baseline
assessments, we conduct a formal audit of gifted and talented students,
both those who demonstrate excellent potential across all areas and
those who possess particular skills and achievements. The school has
considerable teaching expertise in this field and details of how this is
used in planning, delivering and tracking provision can be found in our
gifted and talented policy on the website.
For learners who need more support, we are able to create personalised
time tables of support which are tailored to individuals and design
to promote independence, not dependence. The goal is to create
I love those who yearn for the
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