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Wye School Prospectus
Wye School Prospectus
Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Excellence is central to all that we do. Differentiation and effective
feedback to students and their parents are embedded in all of our
schemes of learning, which adopt an enquiry-based approach, where
students go on a learning journey, making their own choices about
tasks. All of our schemes involve working with community groups and
foregrounding our school theme of sustainability.
Our focus is on learning rather than teaching. We aim to exhaust the
children and not the staff. We are not afraid to do things differently. Our
mathematics curriculum, developed in partnership with Ashford School,
is about adventurous learning, with themes like architecture and code-
breaking, through which traditional topics are taught, reinforcing the
relevance of the subject and how mathematics shapes our world.
In English we have an on-going Speaking and Listening component,
which develops the public speaking skills and oral confidence which
are vital to success in today’s competitive world. Another English
course focuses on creative writing for real audiences and contexts,
offering a public forum for students’ work and an understanding of
communication for life.
As a team of educators, we too are learners and are constantly
developing and evolving our practice and innovating to keep learning
fresh and remind ourselves what it is like to be a student.
I really like the way everyone gets
involved in the lessons.
I am not a teacher, but an awakener.
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