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Wye School Prospectus
United Learning
Wye School is part of United Learning.
United Learning is a group of academies and independent schools
which aims to provide excellent education to children and young
people across the country. We seek to improve the life chances of
all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission
to bring out the best in everyone – students, staff, parents and the
wider community.
We provide a broad education which prepares young people to
progress in learning and to make a success of their lives. We focus
sharply on the evidence of what makes it more likely that young
people will progress and succeed, apply that to our practice and
continue to learn and develop our schools. We make it a priority
to provide teachers with excellent professional support and
development, so that every child receives an outstanding
school experience.
Through being a group, we can offer more to both staff and young
people than any single school could offer alone. As a part of United
Learning, Wye School is able to share best practice with schools
across the country and staff benefit from the Group’s wide range of
high-quality professional development opportunities.
United Learning is committed to providing excellent education
through which all students are able to progress, achieve and go on
to succeed in life. We believe that each of our schools is and should
be distinctive; each is committed to developing its own distinctive
strengths and identity while sharing our core values of:
to achieve the best for ourselves and others;
to have the courage of our convictions and to
take risks in the right cause;
to imagine possibilities and make them real;
of ourselves and others in all that we do;
to seek opportunity, find what is good and
pursue talents and interests;
to overcome obstacles and reach success.
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