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Royal Engineers Museum Visit

Royal Engineers Museum Visit

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On Tuesday, Wye School students travelled to the Corps of Royal Engineers Museum at Chatham to learn about their involvement in conflicts all over the world, over many centuries. In particular, we wanted to study the contribution Sappers made on the battlefields of Europe during the First World War and other wars.  Particular focus was on mobility (building bridges and life support) and counter mobility (demolitions of enemy bridges and laying mine fields) On arrival we booked in and the students made immediate use of the IPads to take photographs of the many exciting displays. They enjoyed dressing in period uniform, sending messages by Morse code and building mock up bridges. The reconstructed trenches with background sound effects added to the realism and the students were especially interested in the underground command posts and sleeping conditions experienced by the soldiers.

Later in the morning we were fortunate enough to be invited to the Corps Officers’ Mess and were treated to an excellent tour of the Mess by the very knowledgeable Lieutenant Colonel Larry Inge RE (Retired). The students enjoyed looking for the hidden mouse in the military paintings by the famous British artist, Terence Cuneo.

Following lunch we spent the final hour in the museum visiting the medals room and taking final photographs for the school WW1 project. We then visited the souvenir shop where the students purchased some mementos, which led to an exciting Glider Challenge back at school.