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Parents’ Survey on Assessment and Reporting

May 2014


Thank you to those who responded to our survey on assessment and reporting.  This followed your feedback on the earlier whole school parent survey, where some of you expressed uncertainty about understanding your child’s progress.  A summary of your responses follows and we are contacting some of you to take part in a forum where we explore these further.  We will use the findings to plan our assessment and reporting processes for next year.

Planners: 78.8% of parents said that they read their child’s weekly reflection and 70.6% said that they use the planner to support their child’s homework progress.

Parents liked:

The concept of the planner.

Parents suggested:

Planners should be used more as a tool to manage work load and contain more quality information.

 We could improve design/ quality of planner.

 They would like teacher feedback on work in the planner.

Termly Reports: 91.2% of parents felt that the National Curriculum levels were useful to them and 94.1% felt that the learning indicators were useful to them. 97.1% of parents were happy with the frequency of termly reports.

Parents liked:

The information they contained.

Their frequency.

Parents suggested:

Including national data to compare with their child’s performance.

Keeping learning indicators but possibly losing National Curriculum levels as they are not of much use.


Full Reports: 79.4% of parents were happy with the frequency of full school reports and 14.7% were not. 97.1% felt that the full reports provided helpful feedback on their child’s progress and 93.8% felt that the information given in the reports was clear.

Parents liked:

The fact that they helped them to understand what the child needs to do to improve.

Parents suggested:

Inclusion of teacher’s name for each subject.

Full reports twice per year – Christmas and end of year.

Comment from tutor about development from a personal view.

Full report earlier in year.


Progress Review Meetings: 85.3% of parents were happy with the timing of the Progress Review Meetings in the school year and 11.8% were not. 93.8% of parents agreed that it was important to meet the subject teachers (rather than the form tutor) and 94.1% felt that the feedback that they received from teachers was useful.

Parents liked:

How the meetings were well planned and timed.

The opportunity to meet all the teachers.

Parents suggested:

5minutes is too short, 10 minutes would be better.

Teachers were telling children about their progress rather than the parents.

Some felt they were not even needed as parents were having such regular reports with clear advice and guidance.