At Wye School, as part of the National Curriculum, we teach our pupils to be fluent in mathematical methods and confident problem solvers in all strands of mathematics. At KS3, we follow the United Learning scheme of work in years 7 and 8 where students master each mathematical topic in depth. Students begin their mathematics EDEXCEL GCSE in year 9 by studying number, ratio and proportion, geometry, statistics and algebra. Students can choose to study A Level Mathematics at sixth form. 

We assess our pupils regularly with short end of topic tests for each topic (averaging at 4 a half term). KS3 students also receive 3 large assessments each year testing all of the mathematical topics they have studied. Using these assessments, students are given a GCSE style grade which shows their progress in relation to other students in their year group. These regular assessments help inform our teachers of students' progress and which topics we need to go back and revise so students can make further improvements. 

To enrich the learning of our most able students, we create a positive learning environment with stimulating open ended problems. Our highest ability students get the opportunity to participate in the UK Junior Maths Challenge and compete for a bronze, silver or gold certificate. For students that need more support, we incorporate a stronger focus on core number skills to secure a fundamental understanding before moving on.

Years 7 and 8

Students begin their mathematical studies at Wye by securing and extending their application of number in the Autumn term. By the end of the first year, we expect all students to be confident in mathematical reasoning and problem solving questions for any area of the curriculum. Students in year 7 and year 8 also begin each lesson with a numeracy task to ensure they have quick recall of basic mathematical methods.

Parents can support their child’s learning by practising times tables and mental maths in everyday life such as baking, reading bus timetables or working out change. At Wye, parents can also use the HegartyMaths and TTRockstars online learning platforms to support their children.

Years 9, 10 and 11 GCSE Maths

Students in year 9, 10 and 11 are all working towards their EDEXCEL GCSE. Students are taught all of the topics on the GCSE course and are taught to master the three assessment objectives;

A01- mathematical fluency,

A02- mathematical reasoning,

A03: mathematical problem solving. 

We ensure that our lessons interweave a variety of topics and skills whilst working towards one learning objective to ensure students retain previous learning and can apply mathematical methods in different contexts. Students will either sit the foundation or the higher tier based on their attainment across the 3 years. 

Parents can support their child's learning by encouraging them to use the Fix Up 5 tool on HegartyMaths and regularly review their classwork and required formulae lists at home to ensure they are retaining the information.

Sixth Form - A Level Maths

At A Level, students who choose mathematics work towards an EDEXCEL A Level. Students study pure mathematics and applied mathematics including statistics and mechanics. Students receive one mechanics and one statistics lesson each week alongside 3 pure lessons each week. This is alongside the independent study they are set to ensure they can achieve their best. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the UK Senior Maths Challenge to achieve a bronze, silver or gold certificate. 


All students at Wye receive maths homework each week. In years 7-10, these are set online on HegartyMaths with bespoke tutorials that students can use to access the maths. HegartyMaths can be found at:

In Year 11, students are set a combination of types of homework including HegartyMaths, Exam Booklets and bespoke revision questions based on previous achievement. 

For more information about the mathematics curriculum, please contact Ms R Burden at 


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